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I. Bible



THE JPS TANAKH: Gender-Sensitive EditionJPS (2023)Project manager for revision; project editor for production; designer; compositor; proofreader.


The JPS Bible Commentary: Psalms 120–150 (Volume 5)Commentary by Adele BerlinJPS (2023)Project manager for production; Masoretic Hebrew text editor; proofreader. • “Deserving of credit is David E. S. Stein, Project Manager, whose sharp eye and keen mind prevented infelicities in the manuscript. David is a close and careful reader with deep knowledge of the biblical text.”Adele Berlin



Songs Ascending: The Book of Psalms in a New Translation with Textual and Spiritual CommentaryCommentary by Richard N. LevyCCAR Press (2017)Masoretic Hebrew text editor; proofreader.


The JPS Bible Commentary: Song of SongsCommentary by Michael FishbaneJewish Publication Society (2015)Copy editor • “I have … (again) been fortunate to benefit from the skillful editorial interventions of David E. S. Stein. His keen and informed eye repeatedly yielded suggestions that I was compelled to consider; and I am very grateful to him for his excellent craftsmanship.”Michael Fishbane

The JPS Bible Commentary: RuthCommentary by Tamara Cohn Eskenazi with Tikva Frymer-KenskyJewish Publication Society (2011)Winner of the 2012 National Jewish Book Award for Women’s StudiesConsulting editor and proofreader • “It was a pleasure to work again with David Stein. The award that this book received owes a great deal to his insistence on precise, clear expression—enhanced by the depth and breadth of his scholarly knowledge. He makes sure that what’s published is what I actually meant to say.”Tamara Cohn Eskenazi

The Torah: A Women’s CommentaryEdited by Tamara Cohn Eskenazi and Andrea Weiss, with 100 authors and 151 poetsURJ Press (2008)Winner of the Everett Family Foundation 2008 Jewish Book of the Year AwardDesigner, project manager, revising translator, copy editor, and proofreader • “I thank . . . David Stein . . . for his devotion to the text and to its interpreters.”Tamara Cohn Eskenazi


The Contemporary Torah: A Gender-Sensitive Adaptation of the JPS Translation
Jewish Publication Society (2006)Designer, revising editor, copy editor, compositor, and proofreader.


The Torah: A Modern Commentary,
Revised EditionURJ Press (2005)General editor, designer, project manager, revising editor for Masoretic Hebrew text, revising translator, copy editor, and proofreader • “David Stein works magic.”Hara Person, Editor-in-Chief


How to Read the Bible
by Marc Zvi BrettlerJewish Publication Society (2005)Developmental editor and copy editor (assisted by David Mevorach Seidenberg) • “Together, they corrected many factual errors and helped me clarify what I was trying to say, making this book much more readable.”Marc Zvi Brettler


The JPS Bible Commentary: Ecclesiastes
Commentary by Michael V. FoxJewish Publication Society (2004)Copy editor • “Rabbi David Sulomm Stein’s interpretive sensitivity and keen sense of English style helped me to clarify and present my ideas.”Michael V. Fox


The JPS Bible Commentary: HaftarotCommentary by Michael FishbaneJewish Publication Society (2003)Project editor and proofreader • “Thanks to David E. S. Stein … for preparing the ‘Overview of This Book’ and the back matter, and for his keen editorial eye during proofreading. My successive interactions with him have only increased my admiration for his exacting skills; the Masoretic tradition is alive and well in his hands.”Michael Fishbane

Pathways Through the Bible: Classic Selections from the Tanakh, 3rd EditionEdited by Mortimer J. CohenJewish Publication Society (2002)Revising editor • “Rabbi Stein … has replaced the 1917 translation with the 1985 version and has made all the language in this new edition, both biblical and modern, gender sensitive and congenial to the contemporary ear.”Ellen Frankel


Etz Hayim: Torah and Commentary
The Rabbinical Assembly / United Syna­gogue of Conservative Judaism (2001)Project manager.


JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh
Jewish Publication Society (1999)Managing editor and co-designerAuthor of the preface.


The JPS Torah Commentary: Deuteronomy
Commentary by Jeffrey H. TigayJewish Publication Society (1996)Proofreader • “Skillful proofreading.”Jeffrey Tigay

II. Kabbalah

The Zohar: Pritzker EditionTranslated and annotated by Daniel C. Matt, Nathan Wolski, and Joel HeckerStanford University Press (Vol. I, 2004; Vol. II, 2004; Vol. III; 2006; Vol. IV, 2007; Vol. V, 2009; Vol. VI, 2011; Vol. VII, 2012; Vol. VIII, 2014; Vols. IX–XI, 2016; Vol. XII, 2017)Copy editor and indexer • “Rabbi David E. S. Stein’s expert copyediting and erudition have polished this Book of Radiance.Daniel C. Matt “David E. S. Stein has enhanced my translation and notes with suggestions bearing on style and content, far surpassing the role suggested by his title.Joel Hecker


A River Flows from Eden: The Language of Mystical Experience in the Zohar
by Melila Hellner-EshedStanford University Press (2009)Copy editor and indexer • “I thank … David E. S. Stein for his outstanding editorial work.”Melila Hellner-Eshed

As Light Before Dawn: The Inner World of a Medieval Kabbalist
by Eitan FishbaneStanford University Press (2009) Indexer.


III. Liturgy




Night of Beginnings: A Passover HaggadahMarcia FalkJPS (2022)Final proofreader for Hebrew text and biblical citations  



Mishkan HaSeder: A Passover HaggadahCCAR Press (2021)Project manager and assistant typographer • “Working with Rabbi David E. S. Stein … is always a joy. [His] professionalism is incomparable, and every project is undoubtedly far better for [his] involvement.”
Hara E. Person, Executive Editor



Mishkan HaLev: Prayers for S’lichot and the Month of ElulCCAR Press (2017)Project manager and assistant compositor • “David E. S. Stein … assured the quality and aesthetics of these pages. We have counted on [his] expertise and wisdom.”
Janet Marder and Sheldon Marder


Siddur Lev Shalem for Shabbat & FestivalsEdward Feld, Senior Editor and Editorial Committee ChairThe Rabbinical Assembly (2016)Proofreader • “David E. S. Stein did yeoman work as the final proofreader. His talent includes not only the ability to catch mistakes, but also felicity with English expression along with masterful Jewish knowledgeability.”Edward Feld



Mishkan Hanefesh: Machzor for the Days of Awe2 volumesCCAR Press (2015)Project manager and assistant compositor • “David E. S. Stein was an exemplary partner. His professionalism, patience, unique skill set, and good humor was much appreciated.”Hara Person, Publisher and Director of CCAR Press


Mishkan T’filah: World Union EditionAdapted by the World Union Editorial Team, led by Jonathan Keren-BlackCCAR Press (2010)Project editor and proofreader • “David has invariably been responsive, informative, empathic, patient and efficient. He is also clear as well as creative and ingenious. I have no doubt that the result is much better for his involvement.”Jonathan Keren-Black


Mahzor Lev Shalem: Rosh Hashanah and Yom KippurEdward Feld, Senior Editor and Editorial Committee ChairThe Rabbinical Assembly (2010)Chief proofreader and acting project manager • “At the final stages, Rabbi David E. S. Stein … provided oversight and coordination for an extensive and complex proofreading process and we are grateful for his diligence and care.”Edward Feld

Mishkan T’filah for Gatherings: A Reform Siddur
Adapted by Sue Ann Wasserman from the original edition of Elyse D. FrishmanCCAR Press (2009)Adaptation team member and proofreader.

Or Hadash: A Commentary on Siddur Sim Shalom for Shabbat and Festivals
By Reuven HammerThe Rabbinical Assembly / United Syna­gogue of Conservative Judaism (2003)Proofreader.

The Family Haggadah for Passover
Drawings and design by Ismar David; editing and Hebrew calligraphy by Helen BrandshaftShunammite Press (1998)Hebrew Proofreader.

B’tzeit Yisrael: The Journey Continues: Ma’yan Passover Haggadah
Edited by Tamara Ruth Cohen, Sue Levi Elwell, Deborah Lynn Friedman, and Ronnie M. HornMa’yan: The Jewish Women’s Project (1996)Hebrew copy editor and proofreader.


IV. Other Judaica


Pirkei Avot: A Social Justice Commentary
By Shmuly YanklowitzCCAR Press (2018)Hebrew Text Editor and Proofreader • “I am grateful to proofreader Rabbi David E. S. Stein for his thoughtful edits, suggestions, and wisdom. His attention and diligence to the small details elevated this book immensely.”Shmuly Yanklowitz

Other and Brother: Jesus in the 20th-Century Jewish Literary Landscape
By Neta StahlOxford University Press (2012)Copyeditor • “Many thanks to David E. S. Stein [for] careful and punctilious copyediting.”Neta Stahl

A Jewish Voice from Ottoman Salonica: The Ladino Memoir of Sa'adi Besalel a-Levi
Edited by Aron Rodrigue and Sarah Abrevaya Stein; Translation, Transliteration, and Glossary by Isaac JerusalmiStanford University Press (2011)Indexer.

Talmud for Everyday Living, Book 2: Insights into Buying and Selling
By Hillel GamoranUAHC Press (2003)Proofreader.


The Jewish Family Fun Book: Holiday Projects, Everyday Activities, and Travel Ideas with Jewish Themes
By Danielle Dardashti and Roni SarigJewish Lights Publishing (2002)Copy editor.

Torah of the Earth: Exploring 4,000 Years of Ecology in Jewish Thought
Edited by Arthur Waskow2 volumesJewish Lights Publishing (2000)Developmental editor.

Hebrew Feminist Poems from Antiquity to the Present: A Bilingual Anthology
Edited by Shirley Kaufman, Galit Hasan-Rokem, and Tamar S. HessThe Defiant Muse SeriesThe Feminist Press at the City University of New York (1999)Proofreader.


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