The Contemporary Torah: A Gender-Sensitive Adaptation of the JPS Translation (Jewish Publication Society, 2006; 424 pages). Rabbi David E. S. Stein, revising editor. Consulting editors: Adele Berlin, Ellen Frankel, Carol Meyers.

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PREFACEThe need for a gender-sensitive versionStrengths and limitations of the base translation (NJPS)Adaptation methodology31 pp. [PDF]

DICTIONARY OF GENDER IN THE TORAH20-page appendix. [Google Preview]

ERRATA (corrections and proposed refinements) to the translation, as of 19 April 2018. [PDF]

Supporting Documentation

Translator’s notes for Exodus–DeuteronomyMore than 500 notes that analyze gender specifications in the Hebrew textUnparalleled in their level of detail and comprehensivenessExodus, Leviticus, and Numbers notes have been revised and expanded for the closely related URJ translation’s 2014 printingDeuteronomy notes, from 2005, precede my construing ’ish as a term of affiliation and my formal understanding of the gender-muting of “male” terms that point to a class.

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